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Candelilla wax: Small plant, big benefits!

If you ever worn makeup, polished your shoes or chewed gum, chances are high you’ve been in contact with candelilla wax! Candelilla wax is a hard, yellowish to brown, vegetable wax obtained from the candelilla shrub (Euphorbia Cerifera) its leaves and stems. Found mainly in Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert and the southwest of the United States.The plant grows in small bunches and looks like its only stems. It has a bluish-white cast to it and usually never grows higher than a couple of feet high. Candelilla is a desert plant and prefer hot and dry conditions The leaves are so tiny and last a very short time. You are most likely to never see them at all. Though the stems produce more than enough food to maintain the plant and help it grow.

Candelilla Wax has been used all around the world to make candles through relatively recent history. When or how people began to use the wax is not recorded, but candelilla wax was used for waterproofing tents and equipment during the first World War. Before that, there wasn’t really a significant demand for this wax. It has also been used in paints, inks and has been used as a polish and lubricant for various things throughout the years. Mass production for commercial purposes seems to have begun in Mexico in the first decade of the twentieth century. The chewing gum industry is the biggest consumer of candelilla wax, followed by the cosmetic industry, but more than 20 other industries depend on it.


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Although it is easy to grow, cultivated plants do not produce much wax. The best wax comes from the plants in the wild. It’s a very sustainable product since the wax can only be harvested by so-called ‘Candelilleros’.

The Candelilleros must obtain a permit to be able to harvest the wax and must work in a strict procedure. It takes about 50 pounds of Candelilla plant to make a pound of wax. They boil the plants in a mixture of water, which releases the wax as it floats to the surface. Then it gets collected and dried. The land is monitored carefully to ensure that harvesting of candelilla is not harmful to the local ecosystem.


100% vegan & benefits 

This wax is a great option if you are looking for vegan alternatives to wax. It acts as a barrier and help prevents moisture loss. It’s a great ingredient in diaper creams. It basically builds a protective layer on your baby’s bum so it can prevent diaper rashes. Candelilla wax is rich in nutrients and easily absorbed into the skin, allowing it to act as a barrier and help prevent moisture loss.

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